Weekly Affirmations

     Weekly Affirmations

Joseph Anthony is our newest author, he will be writing Weekly Affirmations in the Lifestyle Section on Global Light Minds Magazine http://www.globallightminds.com and here on Inspirations.   I am always amazed when I meet new people, we come together quite unexpectedly.  Joseph’s Affirmations heal, bring you to center and provide your soul with spiritual nourishment.  His articles will appear on Sunday’s, they can also be seen under Featured Articles.   So if you miss a week, you can always catch up.

I Welcome You, Dear Friend, your posts are so inspiring, Thank you so much for joining us.

Wendy Zake

You can visit Joseph by clicking his links below:

About the author:

Joseph Anthony is a modern-day philosopher, spiritual Guru and leading new age thinker. At the age of 13,  unable to continue his formal education due to his mothers multiple Sclerosis progression, he took the route of enlightenment. Self taught by his relentless spirit (as we all are), Joseph started studying quantum physics, metaphysics and other spiritual sciences for the answers he was searching for. It was only then, that he learned to master the universe in which we all create.

As an author Joseph is taking his message of the “inner path” to a larger audience. By stating the truth of his desire, inner divinity and positive thought, Joseph has unleashed some of the most ground breaking new theories in the new thought medium. His unwavering demand for world peace through an empowerment of the self has inspired many and will be at the fore front of his generations new thought movement.

Joseph Anthony is the Author of “15 Days to a beautiful Life” and Founder of New Thought Movement publishing, one of the fastest rising new age publishers in the last 100 years. His teachings are a blend of Metaphysics, Quantum Physics and Philosophy. Joseph has been an author and a Life Coach since the age of 17. While Inspiring people for an amazing 15 years, he has become well-respected in scientific and spiritual communities alike.

15 Days to a beautiful life
(Understanding God)

By Joseph Anthony
On Paperback


FaceBook – Joseph Anthony

Fan Page – FaceBook Fan Page

Web Site – New Thought Movement Publishing

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