Daily Inspiration ~ July 13th

you love


You love not because that person belongs to your family.

You love not because he is of the same religious belief as you.

You love not because he is your son, she is your daughter or your wife.

You love because that person needs to be loved.

That’s all.

You love without conditions whatsoever.

It means unconditional love.

You love in order to bring relief to that person,

to transform the suffering in that person,

to offer joy to him,

to offer happiness to him because he needs that.

You don’t ask for anything in return.

~Thich Nhat Hanh~

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Daily Inspiration ~ May 25th



Judging is the preliminary step to attachment. Refrain from judging, remain in love, even when others project their egos (and dramas) onto you. There is never a justification to judge no matter. Forgive and be compassionate with self and others and you are free to BE beyond the attachments of ego. Love is freedom. Freedom is love. Just love and you are free to BE who you are unconditional love embodied in human form unattached to the bondage of ego. When you stop taking things personal and step beyond your story and I-dentity you are free of attachment and love is what remains.

~ Antara Ma ~

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Daily Inspiration ~ December 29th

a rich
A rich man is one who has poetry in life, dance in life, celebration in life, silence in life, centered in life, rooted in life… who blooms into his inner sky.
The rich man is one who is so full, like clouds in the rainy season… ready to shower on anybody who becomes available.
Or like an opening bud… ready to share its fragrance with any wind that passes by, or any traveler that comes by.
Sharing is overflowing……

~ Osho ~