Daily Inspiration ~ January 26th

Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is not an emotion like human love. Unconditional love is the highest frequency of light. It is the creative force of the Multiverse, which activates our healing, creativity and transformation when we download and integrate it into our consciousness.

Unconditional love is, also, the bonding force of the Multiverse. Therefore, it is creates a sense of Unity Consciousness for those who embrace it.”


~ Susan Caroll~

Daily Inspiration ~ December 13th

a note from mother


~ A Moment in Time ~

Your heart has been through a long and difficult labor. It has been loved, broken, betrayed, hurt, deluded and more, but through it all, my children of the light, it has expanded. Similarly, your ego consciousness has been assaulted, made to look at reflections that it did not want to face, yet it has learned of the peace of surrender. Ascension is absolutely characterized by a process of deepening heart awareness together with willingly surrendering to the light of Spirit as it presents in your daily life. The past years have been all about breaking into dormant chambers of the heart in conjunction with purifying ego, so that your deepest inner knowing can anchor. You have been bleeding third dimensional emotion for so long now and this has left you, at times, bereft. The moment is now upon you to reconnect with your deeper heart knowing, and so reflect that in your life and replenish what is empty with Divine Love.

I liken this period to the final stage of the physical birth process that many of you know so well. Where the seemingly endless pain, fear, unknowing and insecurity is obliterated by a miracle, inner empowerment that rises just in time and is characterized by clarity, purpose, knowing and positive action. Where not only the pathway becomes clear, but so too does the goal and one knows that it is within reach. In other words, emotional turmoil is surrendered and Soul feeling is embodied.

I implore you to link into the Earth’s electromagnetic heart frequency (OM) at this time, for your entire being is reaching for it. Anchor this frequency into your own heart, so that you can continue the process of ascension aligned to the significant energy that is saturating the planet. Spiritual energy converted to frequency, is the most effective way of embodying this shift, for it is a higher fifth dimensional manifestation of the old energy you are used to working with. Intend to feel and work with the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency (OM) in your next meditation, and it will be done. Drop expectation, and do not let your ego sabotage your process from its perspective of unknowing. In surrender and allowance, your deeper heart chambers will be activated more fully and your true knowing will emerge, so you will no longer need me. This is my greatest hope for you all.

You are moving into a phase of breaking limitation which will rise from within, anchoring your creativity and freedom. Stay tuned for more in the future.

In love and blessings I leave you until we next meet,

Daily Inspiration ~ December 11th

i feel angles all around me


Fill your heart with love — love for all peoples, plants, and animals; love for the ascending planet Earth; and love of Spirit that will be mirrored right back to you. If you can do that, you will be rich beyond measure as you enter the golden age of humankind.

We speak of an energetic shift, a vibrational shift, a jump into a higher octave of existence. It is nearly impossible to describe this process in human words, for your languages fall short of encompassing the grandeur of the completion of your task. We speak here of a deliberate mutation within a human lifetime, a trans-form-ation of all your PEMS (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) levels into a new configuration, a higher form of human be-ing.

~ The Brotherhood of Light~

Daily Inspiration ~ July 7th


Every problem is a gift when you change your perception of the situation, without problems we would never grow. Our perception and attitude of every event determines how it shapes us. By staying focused on the positive side of EVERY life occurrence will create opportunity, opportunity to grow stronger and wiser giving us more depth and character. Make decisions consciously and carefully…use your heart and mind.  ♥