Daily Inspiration ~ May 29th

be neutral



What ever situations appear now be a neutral witness, be honest and have a closer look. Issues that we think we may have internalized and finished with, now appear from the deepest level of our being propelled by the increasing high energies bringing everything to the surface. Things that we may have internalized on a certain evolutionary level, are now demanded to be understood on even higher levels of awareness…. even minuscule feelings of separation, victimhood etc. can trigger what seem like extreme situations, as this is the only way we will “get”, that there is a higher level of understanding to be gained. Trust the higher plan, trust your soul “knows” what it does…. though it may seem “insane”, injust or too much for you to handle…. it knows exactly what you need to move forward. We are being given opportunities that in some cases appear in form of heavy challenges right now to move up the evolutionary ladder, so be open to move onwards to greater truths and levels of awareness. Trust that you can do far more, than you would grant yourself. You are a miracle here to unfold and live in the unlimitness of boundless joy.


~ Grace AnTara Ma ~

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