As The Tortilla Burns – A Memoir

A story that can inspire you and others to heal and grow.”

As The Tortilla Burns is such a story”


As The Tortilla Burns

A Journey to the Depths of  Your Soul

Wendy L. Zake – Author

“I’m not saying that you should deny the difficult events of your life.But the fact that you survived them is also a wonderful story to tell.And that story,the story of the way you came through a difficult situation,found resources within you or outside you,gleaned from that experience what you wanted and what you didn’t want going forward–that is a story that can inspire you and  others to heal and grow.”  ” As The Tortilla Burns is such a story!

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This is a power house of a story equally packed with action and emotion. Often people’s lives reflect the weather, such as hurricanes.

As The Tortilla Burns
is such a story.

It isn’t all sweet and harmonious like invented stories, but tastes of disappointment, obstacles and bewilderment, of madness and dreams like the lives of real people who no longer lie to themselves, learning invaluable lessons about life.

A trip to Mexico that changes her life forever. Wendy, divorced at 50, finds herself on her own and decides to follow her dream to write a book. Captivated by an unusual vision she had while traveling in Central America in her 20’s . She finds an antique book from the 1800’s in Argentina written about a mysterious family and the sinking of a Spanish ship, prompting her to investigate the story.

After a vacation to Mexico she decides to move to a small village in Baja and finds the perfect spot and buys a house and opens an inn and spa to work and write. While trying to buy the property she finds herself caught in a web of lies and deceit from ruthless owners who try to swindle her. As her life becomes intertwined with the story she is writing and people she is involved with, her life turns into a mystery nightmare taking her the edge of madness through dreams, ghosts, and memories of a past life, hurricanes and unbelievable events. She tries desperately to overcome the obstacles she faces, through her spirituality, but is blocked at every turn.

In an exciting journey through Baja, Mexico she travels to remote beaches, missions and towns searching for the characters from a diary written 200 years in the past. While she faces death, love, hate, fear, a haunting, oppression, judgments, attachments and after struggling for seven years she realizes she has created this nightmare and has the power to change the outcome.

With blessings, angels, empathy and compassion she finds herself on a journey to the depths of her soul and with the will and courage to survive, she leaves behind everything she once held dear in a harrowing true story of discovery and transformation.

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Cover May 22 One Page