Daily Inspiration ~ July 1st

your day lies before you


Your day lies before you like a pond of water. Create a beautiful thought and drop it into the pond. See how your thought causes ripples that reach out across the pond. Take an action, full of love and wonder, and watch the ripples go across the pond of life. Call in loving, benevolent assistance and see how the golden ripples reach further and run deeper than ever before.

Every time you drop in your action or thought, the pond is different, full of the ripples sent out by others as well as the changing energies of the pond itself. It is never the same twice, so what you do today may have an entirely different effect than the same action did yesterday.

Create your beautiful ripples and then release them; let them go. Continue to broadcast your beauty and wonder, over and over, no matter the result. One day, that beautiful and wondrous ripple of yours may release at just the right moment to change the entire world.

~ Quado ~

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