Daily Inspiration ~ February 3rd

if you sit down


“If you sit down and just keep quiet – you are in the state of Self-awareness. Keeping quiet means being without any techniques, effort or intention to meditate, not following the thought stream, not pursuing the senses, no imagination. Such an intense Self-focusing comes without any effort. Then, by itself, out of nowhere, wisdom and insights come. If you keep quiet and don’t stir any thought nor intention then life comes in it, life happens in it.”


~ Mooji ~

What’s New Today on Global Light Minds


~ Image by Bahman Farzad ~


One thought on “Daily Inspiration ~ February 3rd

  1. when I do this there are moments – it used to only be a moment I recall – when there is blankness – this is where I Am touches my soul.
    Thank you.
    ~ Eric

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