2014 Chinese New Year of the Green Wooden Horse ~



2014 Chinese New Year Day will arrive on January 31, 2014. Chinese Year of Horse begins on February 4, 2014 according to Chinese Astrology Calendar. 2014 is the Year of Wooden Horse.  Wood is related to tree or green. Therefore, 2014 is also called Year of Green Horse.

Run as fast as you can during upcoming 2014 Chinese New Year of Horse, reach the end of a journey, grab your rewards and gallop off to the next challenge. Life’s energy is supporting everything you do. Be happy and very lucky in making money, but you will also have a great time spending and forgetting to save anything for the next year.

2014 is the year when you should do everything using your own resources instead of relying on others to help you through a crisis. This is your good fortune. You may find that expenses this year will not be that great since you are doing things by yourself.

Careers do not run smoothly in 2014 Year of the Green Horse. There is pressure that starts at the get-go and continues until the 15th of July. At the end of July 2014 and all your summer vacations, stay consistent in handling your work. Do the best job you can do since your position is highly unstable. You may have a satisfactory increase in salary during 2014 year, and this can be one of the reasons you need to work harder on your career. If you stop being independent and continually ask others to help you, your expenses will climb. You may be cheated out of your just due.

Qi generates high excitements and you may not be able to control your emotions. Buck up and rein in these feelings. Many arguments over money and careers occur between you and your partner during the months of June, July and August 2014. If you are single, think twice about becoming a committed partner. You do long to be married and start a family, but you may also need to start a different relationship with someone else. Be smart in your choices.

Health is awesome during 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse. Do keep paying attention to your eating and exercising habits. The first of the 2014 year brings discomfort in the lungs and colds may infect your well-being. Prevent accidents by donating blood the first of the year. Avoid being anxious and stop being so impatient. Change is inevitable, and you need to curb your enthusiasm just a bit.

Beware that as Jupiter returns to the Sun issues concerning citizen safety, increased terror attacks and rumours of wars will be heard. Increased confidence in the economy and the US dollar might rise again in value. However, this will only last until the middle of 2014. Economies will then level out and drop again. The end of the 2014 Year of Horse brings in economic problems.

Watch out for weather complications. Neptune is in Pisces and this brings on flooding tsunamis, and hurricanes. Excess water in coastal areas is predicted and this could cause water contamination. March 2014 brings a conjunction with Uranus by Mars and Aires. This is a highly volatile situation and may lead to riots, upsets globally and there will be more wars between dictators. A global desire for freedom is predicted.

As Mars retrogrades in March 2014 and effects energy, there will be issues of opposing dynamisms where agreements are broken and progress is highly restricted. Your life may feel that it is static and you are unsure where to go. Deciding to take a risk is progressive, but then you will change your mind and stay where it is secure. The 2014 Year of the Green Horse is one of change, but change will be difficult if you are not energetic enough to conquer old habits.

The 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse is full of energy plus vigour and strong opinions. No one will know the answers to problems and this leads to worsening global economic crisis. The stock market is predicted to slide lower and high employment will be part global insecurities. Rising oil and food costs will submit countries to hardships. Watch out for extreme weather patterns. Make sure that you have a survival kit as there will be many power outages due to wild weather.

Environmental alternative power sources are emphasized and the use of green technologies is highlighted. Knowledge will increase and space exploration must be amplified to uncover knowledge of what is happening to the world and the planets. Although predictions sound bleak, there is a good chance that neighbourhoods and communities will change and provide compassion and love to those in hardship. As Venus and her sign of metal soothes the rugged tears in the universe, everyone has the choice to help one another through these global and personal calamities. Think outside the box; help others; share knowledge and skills and work together to create a new and exciting 2014 Year of the Green Horse.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Rat Rat Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Use your wealth and smarts for success. Be highly adaptable and people will want you in their corner. This is the year to be thoughtful, changeable and malleable. Stop being a hoarder and very greedy; this is not a good trait. Stick to your principles and use them to work though career and personal issues that come in mid-2014. Look over your shoulder at your friends. During the third quarter of the year these friends may become your enemies Rat.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Ox Ox Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Work steady and stick to directions. Promotions are available in April, but you must prove that you work hard and get along well with coworkers. Earning money will be easy this year due to your hard work. Spend money wisely. Committed relationships need effort to stay happy during the first half of the year. Do not trust everyone you see or what they say. If you do not know someone, they will take advantage of you Ox.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Tiger Tiger Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

This is a year of energy and change, but you do need to pay attention to your health during most of the year. Treat those around you with compassion and empathy. They might be your ticket to a good year. If you can make use of your intelligence on work projects you may earn a great deal of money. Avoid, however, doing jobs that are illegal; you will get caught Tiger.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Rabbit Rabbit Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Your tender nature Rabbit will bring you good fortune in 2014. Issues that were once hard to conquer will be resolved due to strong will and a boundless positive attitude. Take care of your family this year; they will need your positivity and tenderness to overcome issues that are highly challenging. Pay attention to health this year and don’t overdue the medication. Take only what is prescribed.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Dragon Dragon Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Your career Dragon continues to be the center of your life. Find new customers and develop a networking system January through March to ensure that your big picture career is not disturbed. Avoid spending on big ticket items that you really don’t need. Watch your health. Many cold and flu symptoms are on the horizon; get your flu shot early! Love is enhanced in November and December as long as you are kind and considerate.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Snake Snake Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Career will be stressful the entire year for Snakes. Review deadlines on all projects. You will have a slight increase in earnings the first part of 2014 and travel for work will be on the agenda. Do take care and understanding in your relationships this year. They will fall apart mid-year if you are not careful. Spend quality time with family and friends; you will need them the last three months of 2014.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Horse Horse Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Control your spending Horse. Do not invest in any trendy financial schemes any month of this year. This is the best year to make a commitment to your love and make it a grand party in June. No health issues will plague you in 2014, but keep in mind you may have teeth issues. Complete all career projects on time and do be confident and energetic the entire Year of the Green Horse.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Sheep Sheep Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

The end of the year brings excitement and a great reward in your career. Trust your intuition when working on projects and relationships. Raises and promotions come your way and projects you started in years past are finished by mid-year. Do be careful of accidents when taking vacations in the summer months; mishaps are predicted. This is a good year for you Goat if you continue your optimistic and energetic ways.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Monkey Monkey Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Beware of making hurried mistakes Monkey. These mistakes will cost you your job if you are not careful. Commitment in relationships will take careful consideration and work if you want to deepen the commitment by the end of the year. Depression sets in around April; do something about it! Garden, visit with a counselor, take medications. Find your happy place to ensure a good 2014. Manage finances by talking with a financial expert.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Rooster Rooster Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

A wonderful year of growth in romance and career for you Rooster. There are so many projects and adventures just around the corner. Money comes in from stock trading, but do be aware of passive results in the spring. Avoid over indulging in food or drink. Health issues will follow any bouts of drinking and eating particularly the final three months of 2014. Be careful and be consistent in your financial affairs. Good fortune after February.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Dog Dog Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Trust your friends and family but be wary of acquaintances that request investments from you Dog. Socialize from January to March and tone things down a bit the rest of the year. Corporate events will demand your organizational abilities in the summer. Listen to compliments from co-workers, but don’t let your head “swell.” This is a good year to take care of love and partnerships. There are new relationships coming your way throughout the year.

Chinese 2014 New Year Horoscope for Pig Pig Horoscope for 2014 Chinese New Year of Green Horse

Avoid stress by meditating Pig. Travelling for business is required the entire year. Your efforts will be noticed but they will not pay off until the end of 2014. Money will be on an even keel this year, but your expenses may rise. Watch for unexpected expenditures in just about every quarter of the year. You enjoy your love, but will neglect them for most of the year. Take care that you are not alone in December.

As additional 2014 reading you may find interesting 2014 Horoscope for Year of Green Horse written for each Zodiac sign. Also here you could find basic treatment of the 2014 Year of Green Horse and how the Year of Horse presented in traditional Chinese Horoscope.

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