Daily Inspiration ~ November 17th

over the past week


Today’s Message – Over the past week we have discovered that there are so many friends on this page who are suffering from disease & pain. Our message for today is one of healing – today we send healing out to each one of you. Please know that when this happens, it doesn’t automatically mean that someone is completely healed, because we still have karma & our soul path to consider. However, what it will mean for everyone is that they will receive some relief of their pain & symptoms. Some may receive this immediately, others may feel it within 24 hours. Know that God, your Angels & our Healing Guides are sending you loving, supporting, healing energy right now to help as you go about your day. We send you much love, light & blessings!


~ Healing Light ~

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2 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration ~ November 17th

    • Wendy Zake says:

      Your Welcome….Sorry, I am not here very much….I spend most of time working on the magazine….but I am appreciative of all your likes and comments…Love and Blessings

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