Daily Inspiration ~ November 16th

everything that dips down


 Everything that dips you down, is meant to bring you right back up, higher  wiser than before. The challenge comes when we allow other things to keep us down – negative thought-forms, control agendas, mental loops, attachments to the past that bring on anxiety, things we hear in the World that makes us nervous and unstable feeling, conversations and events we are still holding onto, as the trauma imprint from them is like a strobe light in slow motion, getting our attention when we just want to move forward and be free of it.

When those moments happen and they drag on and on ~ remember the dip down into any kind of personal darkness in all its flavors, is to allow us to touch upon something that needs our creative imagination, divine power and radiant consciousness and the ability to mix the two substances, our discomfort and our bliss ~ our light and dark.

We may struggle with the mystery or what we have absorbed or been hurt by, but it needs our Spirit as an abundant, infinite resource that is simply asking that we take it with us when we dip down into a low, to transmute, clear and purify whatever we come into contact with that causes constriction, sadness, sickness or pain, whether it is within us or what we witness ~ so that we get the wisdom and message and rise above it to then forever alter the patterning and then hold the hand of others through the wilderness of life, through our Unifying heart and Oneness.


 ~ The Return of the Divine Feminine ~

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