Daily Inspiration ~ October 17th

Today message oct 17



Today’s Message – Are you struggling with how to be spiritual at the same time that you have to deal with the demands of day-to-day living? Do you vacillate between being overly concerned with material matters and wanting to escape from the physical world in pursuit of your spiritual life? If so, then guess what? You’re at a critical point where it’s time to give up the myth that being spiritual implies renouncing the physical world. It doesn’t. Being connected to your inner self means embracing, enjoying, and being responsibly grounded in the physical day-to-day world, while using it as a classroom for your soul to express itself in service to the Divine Creator. It doesn’t mean withdrawing from the world and leaving others to manage it for you. Nor does it mean indulging in the world to the point where you lose touch with your spirit. Your soul’s purpose right now is to be in the world but not of it. Love your earthly experiences and explore their possibilities fully, but don’t become mesmerized by them. Devote all your daily acts to your Creator, and be grateful for this playground you enjoy. Your soul’s lesson: Light your creative fires and dive into your physical, emotional, sensual, and sexual experiences with devotion. Use the corporeal world to know, love, and express your spirit fully, because nothing in life is inherently good or bad – only your thoughts make it seem so. Wanting to sterilize your life of sensuality and pleasure isn’t spiritual. It’s just a ploy of the ego to keep your Higher Self locked up. Use your senses to find your way back to the Divine, and you’ll find that the spirit within you is the creator of prosperity, growth, and happiness. ~♥~


 ~Healing Light ~

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