Daily Inspiration ~ September 29th

we are blessed



We are blessed by the kind and loving Master who has given us such a beautiful world. Our lungs automatically breathe in soothing healing air thru our noses which condition it to the perfect temperature and humidity for our throat and lungs.

There is wind and water that caresses our skin. We look up and can see blue skies and puffy white clouds. And we have rainy days so the sunny days are even more sparkly!

At night we have the jeweled star studded sky. The Master, the Maker of our Universe is love, power, abundance, healing and pure bliss. That Divinity is closer than our very own breath. Inside is the essence, the Everpresent, all powerful, perfect and loving Being.

There is an underlying Source/Intelligence which is non material yet without It, NOTHING WOULD EXIST! It is Divine Consciousness, the Burning Bush on Mt. Sinae, the Eternal Light, Pure Love and the list goes on and on. There is but one Source, one Supreme Creator.

We are Its perfect creation. It is our final destiny. It was, It is, and It will be. It is The I am that I am.



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