Daily Inspiration ~ July 1st

New Children


The New Children ~Volunteer Souls

You came to assist this planet at this time. You simply are different, because you do not belong here. This is not your true home. You come from places, where all creation is perfect balance and harmony…. where wars, strive, hatred, and darkness is unknown.

You are ultra sensitive…. you can hone into others thoughts, feelings, and read their energy fields. Often you feel drained, because others sense your light and love, and like vampires they are trying to tap into your energy fields and steal your energy away (albeit doing this sub-consciously). That is why it is so important to shield yourself.

You can see and travel across dimensions. Most often you know what space craft of other beings look like, for in your sleep-state you work in laboratories on board these massive ships, as scientist or engineer etc. You work closely with the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters and you simply SEE and SENSE differently.

You tend to often feel isolated… to feel you do not belong…. Well, you don’t really.

Many of you have not forgotten the Great Being who shines through the filter of your individuality. Your role is to assist other Volunteer souls and especially the New Children to grow in such a way, that they too, do not forget. Assist the incarnation of Eternal Spirits who dance above their lives.

When you first see your own beauty and perfection, when you affirm the eternal reality of BEING, when you see it in the eyes of the children and others, you cannot help but draw and tap into more and more into your own beauty and perfection – the TRUTH of WHO and WHAT YOU ARE: A GREAT COSMIC BEING HAVING A SHORT LIFE EXPERIENCE ON THIS PLANET. You have volunteered to do this, to experience what it feels like to experience duality, the dark and light….. And to learn to unconditionally love despite the perceived imperfections.

Bring out the best in all you encounter. Give no energy to the fictions of those who do not know their own immortality, but see instead the spirit, the soul, who seeks to become this and have forgotten their own eternal truth. Acknowledge that they have lost parts of themselves and help them to remember.

Help another dimension of Eternity slip quietly into your own seeing and cosmic time and space. Help another generation, the Sun Children to awaken to their own inner beauty, perfection and truth.

~ Judith Kusel~


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