Daily Inspiration ~ June 5th

bring god closer


To bring God closer simply make Him/Her more personal, more relevant, closer and much more approachable. Make the Presence present for you. Like a Big Friend who is eternally present and showering gifts all the time and ever ready to talk to you in your own language at whatever level you are at. Make the Presence everything you could ever want in a friend and more.

Your relationship with the Presence is ever changing, ever expanding. Make it personal. God is capable of fitting any size, any conception, any point of view. Let the Presence in to be a full part of all your life, exactly as you find it now. Talk to it listen to it feel it all day every day. No more keeping Him/Her at a distance.  You are not separate you are one.

So have fun, play together. Presence wants your joy and your happiness. Not anymore of that stuffy ‘spiritual” puppet-like “claptrap”. Time for the real instead of some puffed up ideal.  Strike up a real living vibrant close one to one relationship that follows your every sense of being and doing.

I Love You

~ Nicky Hamid ~



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