Daily Inspiration ~ May 28th

Act of being


Walking in a Sacred Manner

The Sacred Act of Being Alive

Each of us has a Grand Master always present, who can lead us to growth, to raise our vibration, and to be happy every day. That teacher is the world as you find it now. It is The Master who could not exist without you and is a part of you. It is a teacher on equal footing not someone you have to reach up to or search for. It is a teacher “right in your face” challenging you, cajoling you, prodding you, beckoning you, and encouraging you. Your teacher is your life that is perfectly balanced to provide you with the exact experience that calls out from you, the perfect notes for your emerging heartsong, and most joyous expression. And the joke is on you because you have looked everywhere but here and now.

Every situation and every person who comes into your life has something that has the potential to call forth from you exactly what you next need to experience and express. You are ever growing and developing and if you are to know Source, Essence, God, it comes about through your embrace of all that you see, and is right in front of you in this timeless moment. Your embrace of Yourself.

You are life longing to freely express and experience itself, and that life is all about you and it is an endless flow within you and around you. And this most precious life that you are is all about you and is calling you to “come out and play”. To paint your picture, sing your song, dance your dance, of the joy of life and being alive. Life, and your life, creates itself by the simple joy in the act of living.

And so the dance of life is the embracing of the preciousness of your life and being alive, and the joy of freely expressing your joy of living. And the world, and everything in it, is your garden in which to play, but simultaneously it is an expression of Life perfectly poised for you to express yourself, and to grow, and to experience all that is possible for you.

So as you realize that you are only fully happy when you are open to everything, that your dance evolves as your awareness of the Life about you expands, you begin to fully accept that being for the whole is the only way to exist. You realize also the most sacred act of all is being alive and Life itself.
We are One, we have yearned for this connection, and now in sharing we will know a new dance.

If you can sense the preciousness of everything around you and that you touch, you will begin to glimpse how deeply you are Loved.

Shine On
I Love You

Nicky Hamid


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