Daily Inspiration ~ May 18th

loving angel


Love Yourself Unconditionally

We angels love you without judgement or conditions, because we always see you as a pure being of the Divine. You’re God’s offspring, just as we are, so in that way we’re family — and the same holds true fro all forms of life on this planet.

We care for you unconditionally because we’re patient and have complete faith in you. We lovingly witness the choices and decisions you make, knowing that all paths lead you back to God.

Today, do your best to love yourself with no reservations. Look past any apparent errors, and embrace a vision of your Divinity. Your unconditional love melds with ours to form a truly supportive stance that elevates you to the next level . . . and beyond.

Thought for Today ~ I give myself unconditional love. I have compassion for myself and remember that God is within me always. I honor my Divinity.

~ Doreen Virtue ~


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One thought on “Daily Inspiration ~ May 18th

  1. Thank you angel friend for sharing this beautiful truth. As offspring of the most high, that makes humans noble. More noble than all else that exists and has been created. If only humans could see themselves for who they really are… Things would be so very different.

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