Daily Inspiration ~ May 15th

joy and love



Let joy be your habitual way of responding to the world. Make a commitment to look for joy everywhere. Offer joyful commentary wherever possible. Reach out to others in cheerfulness. Go on a rampage of appreciation, rather than discussing the evils of the world. Use every opportunity to radiate joy.

~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ~

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6 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration ~ May 15th

  1. MBC says:

    Thank you for these wonderful daily inspirations. They have helped me during my depression.

    • Wendy Zake says:

      Thank You for your comments, Please visit my magazine, I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering. I post articles everyday to lift your spirits and give you tools to bring peace and love into your life. Just click on the link below the inspiration and you will be directed to the site. You can look in Wisdom and Lifestyle sections for more articles that will help you to overcome your suffering…..Love and Blessings Wendy

  2. Will share this on Facebook. Namaste _/l\_

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