Daily Inspiration ~ April 23rd



The mind is formless like the sky, yet it wears a million faces.

It appears as images from the past or as worldly forms, but it is not the supreme Self.’

Then it continues further: ‘I am one. I am all of this, yet I am undifferentiated, beyond all forms.’

You have to have a certain understanding to be able to say that I am both manifest, and also the unmanifest and even beyond any category – I am.

Listen as though you yourself are speaking these words and then see what happens inside you.

Words like these are pushing you back into a place from where you cannot divide.

A place earlier than mathematics, earlier than proportions or size, a place earlier than change and differences …

What within you comprehends the utterances of this?

The ultimate goal of all spiritual striving is to come into full recognition of the timeless Truth and to merge our own individualized sense of self into the supreme unity or totality.

~ Mooji ~

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