Daily Inspiration ~ April 14th



Take Time


Take the time to forgive yourself or others. Take the time to feel balanced and whole again so you can return to being your thoughtful, creative, warm and beautiful self. Take the time to get to know yourself and review your life with love and understanding…as your angels view your journey. Deal with your challenges in a kind, compassionate and understanding manner and it will amaze you how quickly it becomes something more.

There is great change happening, on both the inner and outer plane. Be patient and be kind, take the time to thoroughly explore your life and carefully weigh your choices and decisions. Trust in your truth and follow your passion as that is an important part of your mastery in this lifetime. And, boldly go forward as the magi’s you are becoming, trusting in yourself and your power of creation.

Affirmation: “As I heal any unbalances in my life, I am free to move on and follow my heart.”

~ Angel Wisdom ~
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