Daily Inspiration ~ April 10th

~Powerful Times

These are powerful times for the feminine. It’s particularly her time to be called to adventure. The heroine hears her call when she begins to feel her separation from the deep feminine. Her soul thirst cannot be quenched by hollow compromises or synthetic spirituality. She knows this is the time to look for the real watering hole.

Her Yearning to connect to that which is true feminine becomes her initiation into her descent. This yearning builds her soul-light that will illuminate her way underground ~ as she goes forth to reclaim her treasure. And she does not do this alone. Her sisters stand fierce vigil, singing and holding burning torch lights to light her way down. Their songs comfort her as she forages through the thorns and brambles, retrieving the lost, denied pieces of her soul from the deep dark. Every fear she steps over, she slays a demon & retrieves a piece of her power back.

As she moves deeper, she discovers a dark, quiet river of crystal water. When she bathes in it, she is transformed forever. She emerges back from her great underground adventure with a holy glow.

The underground gifts her a new immune system that makes her strong, resilient and invincible to all that used to crush her spirit before. The world celebrates this awakened woman.


~ Sukhvinder Sircar ~
Photo by Brooke Shaden

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