Daily Inspiration ~ April 5th

Big white Lotus Flower photo



Align Your Actions

Be sure that your values and your inner knowingness match each step you take. Integrity is written in your auric field and can be sensed and felt by others. It is important to take action from this knowingness in all that you do. Open your heart and your mind to others and trust in the infinite possibilities that are available to you.

You have great inner strength and fortitude and see yourself with love and compassion. Have confidence in yourself and see yourself succeeding. When you act with integrity, you are doing your best and happy outcomes are assured. Trust in your ideas and your intuition and foster your 6th senses so that you trust in the guidance they offer you. Do what you know is right for you.

2 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration ~ April 5th

  1. This means that we constantly have to question that which we see and hear…

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