Daily Inspiration ~ April 1st

angel wisdom


Life is a process

Giving birth to new energy and new ideas can seem daunting at first, however if you can accept that some things are as they are, (and perhaps for a reason you have not understood yet), other things can be changed and you are free to choose for yourself. Sometimes waiting periods are for things to fall into place as each of you has the free will to choose. If your hopes, dreams and desires are based on other people or things, it can take longer for them to line up. If you are following your heart and where it leads you, there is more available movement as it does not require the cooperation of others in the same light.

Focus on your mastery, your talents and skills and how you can make them work for you. You have much to offer and more to do. Spend time alone in nature and meditate upon what you truly desire. Hold those pure thoughts as long as you can and then trust that the universe is conspiring with you to make things happen. Simplify your life and have some fun as this will help to balance the flow of activities and energy. You are planting the seeds that will become your hopes and dreams and nurture them in all that you do.

Affirmation: “I have the courage to accept things as they are; I trust that there is so much more available and more to come in this abundant Universe.”

 ~Angel Wisdom ~

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