Daily Inspiration ~ March 25th

nature is healing


~ Nature is Healing ~

It helps us become grounded and centered and washes away the negativity – with its pure Positive Power and beauty.

Take some time to re-connect with nature …. sit and watch the waves if you live near the ocean and collect some shells.

Take a walk .. pick some flowers …. little pebbles in a shallow stream bed ..or just sit in the park and enjoy the sunshine and the breeze.

Lie down and look up at the sky and the floating clouds; At night look at the stars. Feel the sunshine warm your Soul.

Take deep breaths of the fresh air and breathe in the fragrance of blossoms, the greenery and the Earth.

You will be amazed at how you feel – Balanced, energized, Positive, Calm with a loving sense of Serenity.

Take time out and give this priceless gift to yourself.

You Deserve it . ♥

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One thought on “Daily Inspiration ~ March 25th

  1. Everything in nature is one with life.

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