Daily Inspiration ~ January 2nd

start the new year



A 5-minute Exercise to Start the New Year

Getting in touch with your highest self

As we stand here on the cusp of the New Year, I want to remind you that every being, every thing on Earth has a deep purpose and a guiding force for its existence.

An acorn’s guiding force, its destiny, is to become an oak tree.

A cloud passes over a mountain range with the destiny of becoming a thunderstorm further down the valley.

You, too, have a deep purpose and a guiding force for becoming all you are capable of being.

This powerful 5-minute practice will enable you to get in touch with that guiding force that is your essential highest self.

You may sense it as an inner strength that directs your actions. Or that inner voice, the intuitive voice, that calls to you when you’re at a crossroads in your life.

“This is the path you should take,” it tells you. Often, however, it tells you with emotions and feelings, and the words come later.

Some call this guiding force the Higher Self. It is the deepest, holiest, most whole part of you.

What if you were able to access this Higher Self at any time? What if you could actually stand face-to-face with that most soulful, wise force behind all the good in your life?

I want to give you a meditation you can try at home that will enable you to get in touch with your Higher Self, your guiding force, your voice of destiny. It’s simple and yet quite powerful.

♥ Jean Houston


2 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration ~ January 2nd

  1. Wow Jean ~ your meditation was amazing…I loved it! Thanks for introducing me to my Friend. Hugs

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