Daily Inspiration ~ December 21st

soul Family


~ The Heart Angels message about Soul Families ~

“A soul family is the collective consciousness of many individual souls, electro-magnetically drawn to each other because their evolutionary goals are in essence the same.

After physical death the spirit remembers that it is a part of a collective, this knowing propels the soul forward toward its greater source of light; their soul family.

It is universally accepted that soul families work in harmony for the good of the whole and are perpetually creating greater experiences of love and joy.These experiences also support how they co-exist in harmony with other soul families universally.

A universal soul family can be compared to humanity; a large group of soul beings gathering together and sharing life.

Although you have individual desires, hopes and dreams, you also have a collective spiritual purpose; to assist in the evolution of consciousness.

In choosing to experience human life together, you are also collectively choosing to evolve together!

You are never separated energetically from the life force of your soul family. Your spirit Guardians that escort you in and out of physicality, remain as your ambassadors for the duration of each physical life that you choose.

Your guardians create an energy bridge, manifested by their love for you, linking your Earthly life to your Heavenly one.

You may not yet be conscious of this connection.

An awareness of their presence can help you to remain mindful about your choice to be here, and what you believed you would benefit from the experience.

As you deepen this connection they can assist your inner spirit to remain congruent with your humanity. This will help you not to stray from your original intention to create life for the highest good of all and with the most loving outcomes.


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