Prayers For Peace and Harmony ~



We are now in a time of massive changes, a time that was predicted by many religions. A tremendous energy battle is going on in a dimension that we cannot sense, and therefore cannot believe. However, everyone in every corner of our planet is feeling the shocks of changing energies, but most people cannot comprehend what is really going on. They can feel the ground shaking under their feet, and being overwhelmed with fear and pain, they are unable to see the rays of Light behind the dark clouds. Still many others can feel and hear the words of hope, and as more and more people are sharing their hopes and beliefs in a new world to come, the dark shadows are fleeing from the brilliance of the light of truth, Love and peace.

A New Age has dawned upon humanity. A global spiritual awakening is taking place, which cannot be stopped by any society clinging to the old world order. This rising enlightenment inspires humans from different backgrounds to reject violence and to embrace peace, to choose negotiations over brutal force and destruction, to favor tolerance and acceptance above arrogance. The power of people, sustained by the Lord of Love and peace is on the rise, and no weapons on earth can stop their supremacy.  Humanity of this age begins to understand the underlying unity of all life, and with this new perception, the era of true spirituality has arrived. The light of truth is shining in this new millennium, rising as a new sun at a broadened horizon, and no power on earth can obstruct this new light.

Now let us accept our differences and embrace each other, for we are each other’s teachers.  Let us respect one another and learn from each other. And above all let us be honest and sincere in our words and deeds. Let us drop our masks and show our true human faces, unafraid to show our weaknesses and pains; but let us also not hide our God-given talents. Let us be just honest and sincere. But those who want to stay ignorant will be like the cursed fig tree, which will never bear fruit again (Mark 11:12-14). To our political leaders all over the world, I want to say, do not pretend that you are waging wars to bring peace, because you know that you are deceiving your people. And to the religious fanatics I want to say, do not pretend that you are religious if your heart is full of judgments. “When you pray, do not pray like the hypocrites!” (Matthew 6:5).


But let us pray together to our Father or Mother who is in the Unseen:

Our Creator, Thou Who live in the high realm of our Spiritual Self;

hear us today, as we express our readiness to follow Your guide.

Be with us today, as You have been with us always,

guiding us, Your prodigal children, with eternal Wisdom

We, the new global Humanity, are ready to reach out to each other,

and we invite You, O Creator, to be among us once again,

as we give each other a hand to form the circle of Love and Peace.


May Your Light of Love, Peace and Joy shine upon us

and give us the strength to stand up as One World under One God.

May the brilliance of our New World shines forth in the Universe

and may we, the new Humanity, be called the New Bright Star

which can be seen from every corner of the Universe.

Peace to All


3 thoughts on “Prayers For Peace and Harmony ~

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Such an inspirational prayer, you’ve made my day!

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