Daily Inspiration ~ December 12:12:12



This post comes from Australia – 12:12:12

Now, Wherever you Are,

It’s Time, The Time is Now! 


If You need more information please visit Global Light Minds @ http://www.globallightminds.com/ 

More Articles about The Galactic Alignment and

Global  Meditations throughout 12/12 – 12/23.


Humans (“Huston”),

Wow, Folks, Wow, and mutiluminous WOW.

No more waiting for dates or conditions and hoping.
It is HERE NOW and for each one it only requires your open acceptance to Love and to the Love that pours from every direction in the Monumental Illumination Wave of NOW.
And it matters not how or when you take it.

We have igniton. Like a gigantic Christmas tree, all the Megalith Sites laid in ancient times have lit up. The Grande Grid is afire. And it is not just at those Sacred sites but the whole of the crystal centre of Gaia now gives off a constant Overlight. Every spot on Earth is now a sacred site aglow. Where you stand is a sacred site. So when you consciously choose to ignite your own field, your own grid, you immediately connect to the ONE. The One Crystaline Luminous Brilliance of Gaia, the One Consciousness of Humanity (and its own lighted latticework of connections and magnificent individual expressions), the One Amazing Galactic Family, and the Company of Heaven stretching out and in beyond anything we can conceive of. And it is all Present as we move into and through this magical Love portal into our next vibratory expression in form.

Just be Open Dear Hearts.
It would also help with your connection to either sit at 12:12am, and pm and am on the 23rd (but no pressure you will not miss out). And when you do so no need to meditate or do strong visualizations. Just consciously connect to your own lighted grid field (it can extend from around you several feet to your whole country or the planet. See it like a lighted Christmas tree feel the warm glow of you and Smile. Then see the Pure Light of the magnificent Crystal Core of Earth penetrating all Her kingdoms within and on her surface and atmosphere, lighting Her up. Now see and/or feel the lights of all Humanity switching on like another Christmas tree and these lights blending as One luminous Brilliance. And if you so wish, extend it further to our Galactic Family, and the Company of Heaven.
Keep it Simple.

But whatever you do my intention is for US ALL to embrace the moment and choose the ignition of Love forever.

And whatever you do I SO LOVE YOU

PS Share with us how you are experiencing it sweet angels of Earth. Let us revel in the glow.

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