Daily Inspiration ~ December 2nd

Power of One


The Power of One

The power of your Radiance.

Do not concern yourself how others will awaken.
Think of them, sit with them, walk a little while with them, you know them for you have walked in the same shoes on similar roads.

Simply, shine and at first they may ignore you.
Then they may notice you and laugh at you.
You may then appear to anger them.
They may feel better out of your company, far away.You remain Shining.
And then they begin to like being near you,
They begin to light up, when they see you, to lighten up to everything.

How can you lose, how can they not win when you Shine.

One touch is enough to change everything.

Shine On
I Love you.

2 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration ~ December 2nd

  1. Liza Paizis says:

    So beautifully said – thank you : )

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