December 2012 ~ Kindling The Light Within

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Kindling The Light Within


Listen to the Ancient Ones

who call from the

Deepest Core of Your Being.


Guided by the Northstar

and Archangel Michael

The Great Festival of Lights,

The Solstice, Hannukah and Christmas

Beckons us to gather around

and witness the birth of Love

within one another.

The Earth turns, and a mantle of peace

falls ever so gently over the land

Blessings All Creatures

great and small.

December is the month in which all the forms of nature

are aligned to help us give birth to light within.

Mid Winter has cast a spell over land,

and all nature sleeps.

Members of the human tribe gather

by the fire to hear old stories

by which the souls awakens

and finds it way back home.

We will use the stories of the Christ child in a universal sense

as a source of December contemplation.

Those stories are timeless reminders of the heart’s true light,

with compassion and forgiveness.


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