Daily Inspiration ~ September 5th


In the silent Presence of your Shining there is always an echoing resonance in those near you. They are touched although you may not see it. Never doubt it. And the New Energies take that echo and magnify it, calling out always the others own Shining. It cannot be stopped and just like water gradually eroding a mountain, so too does our Shining melt the pain barrier of all and any soul in torment. So I honour and salute your Shining dear brothers and sisters. Thank you so much.


Shine On

I Love You

Nicky Hamid  ~

2 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration ~ September 5th

  1. saymber says:

    I use the word “shine” often when I encounter some people, animals and places. There was a little song with just the two words “Shiney Shine” that I would sing to my Cocker Spaniel Sammy when he was here. Now I carry his shine in my heart and memory.

    • Wendy Zake says:

      Thank You for your comments today, I was just reading your blog. I enjoy reading your thoughts about what is going on in your part of our world. We all have similar thoughts, experiences and certain fears about tomorrow will bring. Often we think we are so different individually, but as a whole we are all so much the same. Keep Shining Bright…our words are so important. Yes, The Universe does hear us and will answer if we listen for their messages and guidance…..Blessings! Wendy

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