Weekly Affirmations ~ July 22 – 29, 2012

 ~ Weekly Affirmation ~

July 22 – 29, 2012

~ Archangel Gabriel ~


The archangels are thought to be genderless, a blend of masculine and feminine.  Gabriel, however, has a more feminine aspect and is the archangel who is present at births, the birth of small things and the birth of ideas.  Gabriel has shown up throughout history as a messenger about our creative role in the cosmos.  It was Gabriel who appeared to Mary to tell her that she would bear Jesus and to Elizabeth to tell her that she would bear the the son who was to be John the Baptist.  It was also Gabriel who revealed the Koran to Mohammed and who instructed Joan of Arc to aid the Dauphin.  Gabriel awakens us to our creative role in the cosmos.


Close your eyes and take several letting go breaths, patiently and slowly entering the Holy of  Holies, the inner sanctum within you.  Invoke the presence of Gabriel to your right, the Southern Gate of your body temple.  Give thanks to this Awakening Spirit for helping you come to into greater awareness of your creative potential so that you can bloom abundantly, unfolding the blessings of summer for the benefit of all beings.  Sit quietly and receptively, aware of the Presence of Archangel Gabriel.

Two or three times to day, place your awareness on your right side and invoke the presence of Gabriel.

Daily Resolutions

  • I am a seeker of truth on a spiritual journey.
  • I believe life has sacred meaning and purpose.
  • May my behavior today express my deepest beliefs.
  • May I approach each and every task today with quiet impeccability.
  • May I be a simple, humble, and kind presence on the earth today.
  • May I see the Divine Nature in all beings today.
  • May I be grateful today to those who came before me, and may I make the roads smoother for those who will travel them after me.
  • May I leave each place at least a little better than I found it today.
  • May I truly cherish this day, knowing that it may be my last.
  • May I remember, remember, remember, not to forget, forget, forget.


It’s a Meaningful Life:  It Just Takes Practice

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