Daily Inspiration ~ July 31st


When we are aligned with our Divinity,

we can walk sure-footed in many worlds at once


Sharon Lyn Shepard ~ Mystic Harp


Daily Inspiration ~ July 30th


There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of all its beautiful colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass.


Daily Inspiration ~ July 28th


Posted by Cristina Light

Grant yourself a moment of peace, and you will understand how foolishly you have scurried about. Learn to be silent, and you will notice that you have talked too much. Be kind, and you will realize that your judgment of others was too severe. Hasten slowly, and you will soon arrive.

~ Ancient Chinese Proverb ~

Daily Inspirations ~ July 27th

By Robert Lindsey

Whatever you are fussing about does not even leave a mark on Infinity and Eternity, which are, after all, two sides of the same coin. One you call space, and the other you call time.

What seems to happen in space and time is nothing at all.
It is only the relative world.
You might as well have joy from the relative world, this seeming drama that captures you and winds you around its little finger.

You can unwind yourself from its grip, and that’s how you can have much joy from it, this one moment of Infinity and Eternity that you are in at this very moment.