Daily Inspiration ~ May 5th


Enlightenment is awakening from a deep sleep, coming to consciousness from a state of unconsciousness. It does not need any God outside. God outside is very dangerous. Its implications are ugly, because God outside means worshiping, praising him, praying to him, going to the mosque, going to the church, going to the synagogue. God outside will never allow you to enter within yourself: your eyes are focused outside — and there is no God outside. You are looking into an empty sky.

The real juice of life is within you. This very moment you can turn within yourself, look into yourself. No worship is needed, no prayer is needed. All that is needed is a silent journey to your own being. I call it meditation — a silent pilgrimage to your own being.

And the moment you find your center, you have found the center of the whole existence.

~ Osho ~


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