Daily Inspiration ~ May 29th


I find a serenity in the falls, and the monks crossing calmly and without flinching, flailing or falling. I get a sense of clarity. Metaphorically it’s saying, that even though the world is rushing or running fast, as long as we stay on our path we will get to our destiny.

Monks Passing Vietnam’s Pongua Falls in Vietnam

Photography Source by Dang Ngo

Daily Inspiration ~ May 28th


Having belief in yourself is the inner strength/thread that has to be present always in order to create or be anything in life. That belief has to be so strong that you will take all the knocks, the disappointments, the moments of frustration and times of hopelessness and keep going no matter what for when your moment in time arrives you will know that everything you went through to get there made you into the person you had to become to handle the next stage of your beautiful inspiring life and to show people the way, adversity is like your best friend, when it shows up welcome it with open arms.

Weekly Affirmation ~ May 27th


Crystal's Moon Meditations

Heal in Dreamtime During the Solar Eclipse New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy
A powerful portal is open from now until the Sun-Venus conjunction on June 5/6. Using ancient Toltec ritual and esoteric Mayan dream activation techniques, Crystal shares how to cultivate the healing the energy of this special time.

[Editor’s note: Crystal says, “This exercise is relevant and quite powerful, even if used after the date of the eclipse. This whole time until the Venus sun conjunction is a portal.”]

While studying the native traditions in Mexico where I live, I learned that the Mayans predicted this eclipse thousands of years ago in connection with the end of the long count calendar and with it, the precession cycle that takes place in 2013. As discussed in an earlier Daykeeper article on the Mayan calendar, the constellation of the Pleiades—with which the present lunation makes a precise conjunction—has special importance in their cosmology, and its outstanding role in this and other events of 2012 opens us to a new period of cosmic order.

The Toltec tradition is closely related to the Mayan, and compliments our understanding of the present lunation’s magic. The seasonal faces of the Sun, each symbolized in a different type of bird, were decisive for both civilizations. At this portal, our local star draws on the energy of Hummingbird, whose achieving willpower helped the Sun be born at Winter Solstice, to bring forth our Eagle nature, connected to summer.

Furthermore, the eclipse takes place in a cycle of Quetzalcoatl, the essence of wind, and of intelligence on the different planes of being, bringing gifts of healing as we activate our perceptual abilities. We can enter through this doorway to dreamtime, a wavelength beyond lineal time that is accessed in dreams and other altered states of consciousness, and which can be woven into our waking life as part of our personal and planetary alchemy.

The following ceremony is based on Toltec practices, enriched with affirmative prayer and Mayan dream activation techniques. We did it last Thursday with my group in Mexico and are already enjoying the results.


(Makes enough for 10 people or more, and can be reduced proportionately by your preferred proportion according to the number of people who participate in your ceremony)

1/2 lb. Amaranth, sunflower or sesame seeds
1/2 lb. “Pinole” or corn flour
1/2 lb. Cocoa
1/2 cup of honey
1 ½ cups of tequila or rum
A large tray
A large bowl
A large spoon

Soap and water or disinfectant for cleansing hands
A drum, drums or drum music
Incense, preferably copal or another bark resin, or any kind of natural scent
A sketch or tracing of a hummingbird


∞ Begin to beat the drum or turn on drum music (most effective if played on and off throughout the ceremony).

∞ If done in a group, stand in a circle around one or two people who do the following:

Place your hands on the ingredients for the offering, visualizing the rays of the Sun touching your it as you repeat,

You, venerable fruits of Earth, charged with the power of Sun whose light brought you forth, nurture and strengthen us to enter in dreamtime and from that place beyond places heal ourselves, as we assist the healing of others and of the planet now.

∞ Mix the ingredients. If done with a group, while one or two people mix the ingredients, the others can move or dance to drum music.

∞ On a plate or tray, make a shape of a hummingbird as you visualize this sacred bird imbuing the mixture with its achieving willpower.

∞ Light the incense, and as it smokes, pass it over and under the plate or tray with the mixture, saying something like,

I (we) enter in the portal of dreamtime, where I (we) connect with the answers and paths that have been provided for my (our) mission of personal and shared healing. The guides and angels of dreamtime weave together the conscious, unconscious and supraconscious levels of my(our) perception so that they may become one, charged with the guidance and power of my (our) dreams, which I (we) remember, interpret and apply successfully now.

∞ All present partake of the mixture, as you consciously receive the strengthening essence of Hummingbird.

∞ Spend a few moments reflecting on the impressions and energy received (if done with others, take turns sharing this experience).

Follow up on these prayers with the following Mayan technique for dream recollection and direction, to be done each night before going to sleep:

∞ Lie down in bed and get into a position of Chac-Mool (see illustration of Maya-Toltec figure), on your back with your head on a pillow and both hands forming a circle around your belly-button, as though you were holding a small bowl.

Chac Mool

∞ Turn your head to the left, visualizing a hummingbird connecting to that side, as you repeat, Left Hummingbird, direct my achieving willpower so that I may rise like an eagle to receive the healing power of my dreams.

∞ Take a deep breath inhaling Hummingbird’s essence, and turn your head to the right.

∞ Exhale and again visualize a hummingbird rising and connecting on this side.

∞ Repeat the above procedure for a total of 13 times.

Be sure and keep a journal on hand to log your dreams each morning, and interpret them.

As the present eclipse reminds us, we can choose to begin anew. From the perspective of dreamtime, all our lineal calendars are but part of the matrix, a false construct. In poetic irony, as we synchronize our inner life with it, and insist on daily application until a new furrow in mind has been opened, this construct becomes a point of departure to something beyond; stone figures and calendars seem to open doors to a place beyond space, where reality is indistinguishable from magic.

At a time when humanity has come to a crossroads, in need of solutions beyond our reach, let us ask: Could the solutions lie within the interdimensional reach of dreamtime?

To read more of Crystal Pomery:

visit her at The Daykeeper Journal Crystal’s Moon Meditations

Daily Inspiration ~ May 26th


When confused about who you are or what you are doing.

When unable to make decisions or think clearly.

When feeling paralyzed, frozen or stuck for no apparent reason.

When overwhelmed with grief and sorrow.

When drowning in emotions – yours and those of others.

When you feel stuck or trapped in toxic patterns or self-imposed limitations.

There is an Answer: