Daily Inspiration ~ April 16th

The level of possibility for your future is limitless. Even at our darkest moments where so many people often find themselves, we can’t know what the future holds. Sometimes a dark night is not a bad thing. Sometimes it’s a necessary thing. Why else would we all have them? Sometimes, what APPEARS to be “the dark night” is actually a set up for the great good that’s about to happen as the rest of your life.

~ Jeff Kushner ~

2 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration ~ April 16th

  1. melissa gray says:

    Wow – sometimes your posts are so ‘spot on’ and timely it’s a little spine tingling! I had one of those ‘dark nights’ last night, couldn’t sleep, mind spinning, worrying about ‘everything’ … woke up feeling like I was in a dark cloud and totally over whelmed – then read your post! Thank you so much for the inspirational words – already feeling much more hopeful this morning! Blessings, Melissa

  2. Wendy Zake says:

    Melissa, Last week was a hard time for everyone…..seems the energy was there for a purpose. To help us look deeper, I am not immune to this either. I had a few days of worry and really questioning of my path, but yesterday I began to feel the Loving Universe, cradle me in their arms and all the worry passed. This week is a week of moving forward, so whatever plans that you have had on hold…..Look Forward Dear! Love to You!

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