Daily Inspiration ~ April 15th

~ It’s a Love Thing ~

Whether we label our experiences as esoteric, shamanic, religious or otherwise, this passage is awakening us to deeper love. Love of self, love of humanity and the Earth, the cosmos, this creation. All that is.

Mastery begins with self-love. We learn to love and honor sacred other through relationships. Relationships are the building blocks of community. As we experience accelerated evolution through 2012 and beyond, it’s wise to connect with others based on shared values – what we cherish and hold dear – and allow other relationships to dissolve if they don’t match.

The 2012 passage signals the birthing of a new consciousness through the reconfiguration of our lives and our world. The new paradigm is deeply rooted in love.

Full text is here:http://heyallie.com/2012/supermoons-and-mastery/



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