~ Weekly Affirmations ~ March 4th

The Role of Prayer, Meditation, Visualization, Feelings,

& Intent in the Process of Manifestation:

The power to manifest our collective vision for world peace and harmony resides within each and every one of us. This power is part and parcel of the Divinity that resides within every element of Creation. It is our God-given right to use this power and our responsibility to use it wisely, for the betterment of the Whole.

We’ve already been using this power all along, without even knowing it. Mostly, we have used it destructively – often unintentionally, but with hurtful and limiting results, nevertheless. So how do we learn to use our inherent power of creation consciously and constructively? It starts with correcting some of our erroneous notions about the process of manifestation – including some of our underlying fallacies about the nature and efficacy of prayer, meditation, visualization, focused attention, and emotions.

Now, please understand that I realize all too well how we have all been conditioned to believe that we are virtually powerless to change the course of human events, that the actions of one person – however well-intended – actually matter little in the overall scheme of things, and that the social problems of hatred and violence, disease, pollution, and poverty are so enormous that it is delusional to think that we can actually solve them. But these misguided beliefs stem from fundamental flaws in our understanding of reality – and, thus, if corrected, can and will yield very different conditions and life experiences for us. They are the beliefs of a two year old child – and it’s high time that we grew up and replaced these highly limiting and destructive beliefs – and the actions which naturally follow from them – with those that encompass a greater degree of Universal Truth.

The enlightened masters among us have long taught that things happen for a reason and that there is a direct connection between our thoughts and feelings, on the one hand, and the outcomes we manifest and experience, on the other hand. The Law of Karma – “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” – illustrates the veracity of this point. Innately, we understand this, as indicated by the popular expression, “What goes around, comes around.” As we explore the perennial wisdom teachings more deeply, it become apparent that the world’s greatest teachers have also been trying to teach us that it is not merely our actions which determine the types of conditions and experiences that we will have, or reap, in life, but also that our thoughts and emotions play pivotal parts in what manifests in our lives – whether for good or ill – and that we can learn to consciously direct these forces of creation. Indeed, mastering and integrating these lessons regarding the right use of our personal power in the process of conscious co-creation and manifestation is an essential part of the ongoing process of our spiritual evolution. Developing the requisite pellucidity (clarity), proficiency, and purity will determine whether humanity suffers unimaginable horrors before annihilating itself or succeeds in manifesting Heaven in and on Earth.

The Buddha explained the role our thoughts play in the creative process thus: “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we create the world.” Similar teachings can be found in Proverbs 23:7 – “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is” – Matthew 29:9 – “According to your faith [belief], it will be done unto you” – and Matthew 8:13 – “As thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.” Gandhi furthered our understandings of these teachings by incorporating the roles played by our mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being – the level of consciousness that we are embodying – by teaching: “We must become the change that we seek in the world.” In modeling this Universal Principle, Gandhi brilliantly demonstrated the fallacy of operating under the widely held paradigm of “DoûHave/Get/ObtainûBe” (a paradigm which is rooted in a misunderstanding of reality and which leads to fear-based, violent, and hurtful actions) and clearly showed us that the peace, love, justice, joy, freedom, and abundance that we all yearn for will only come about when we learn to apply the Law of Attraction correctly in the manifestation process – by following the “BeûHaveûDo” paradigm (a paradigm which is rooted in Universal Truth and which creates loving and productive outcomes for all) – instead.

How is it that our thoughts, emotions, and states of being – rather than merely our actions – have the power to create the conditions and experiences of our individual and collective lives? The answer lies in the Universal Principle known as the Law of Attraction (aka: the Hermetic Law of Correspondence, the Law of Similars, the Law of Resonance, and the Law of Magnetism). This law teaches us that, like a living magnet, whatever we resonate with – which is determined by the thoughts we hold to be true, the emotions we are most strongly feeling, and the states of being that we are engaging in, whether held consciously or unconsciously – we will draw unto ourselves. Quantum physicists now recognize the validity of this ancient Truth and refer to it as “Attractor Fields” or “Attractor Patterns.” (Excellent discussions on the spiritual implications and practical applications of “Attractor Fields/Patterns” can be found in: Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, Dr. Valerie Hunt; Power vs. Force, Dr. David Hawkins; and The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden.) This concept explains how and why negative, limiting, and/or destructive conditions and experiences show up in both our individual lives and upon the world stage – such as how victims attract their abusers (by holding a low opinion of themselves, by seeing themselves as powerless, and by viewing life as hostile and fearful), individuals attract financial struggles and debt (by believing in scarcity and an unworthiness to receive and experience abundance), countries attract war (by believing in the illusion of separation, by failing to recognize our inherent interconnectedness – and thus, failing to understand that, in dominating and hurting others, we are actually hurting ourselves as well, by failing to transcend the seeming duality of diversity and unity, and by unconsciously choosing the path of fear – which is masquerading as hatred – rather than love), and even natural disasters (through our thoughts of fear, anger, separation, and selfishness, we unconsciously create conditions which will force us to work together and rely upon one another, so that we may learn the lessons of love and cooperation) – as well as how we can co-create life-affirming, joyous, and mutually-enriching outcomes for all.

So how do we use these Principles to manifest and assure a peaceful, compassionate, and fulfilling outcome for humanity? In his seminal book The Isaiah Effect (one of the most important, inspiring, and empowering books I have ever read), Gregg Braden addresses these very issues and teaches that there are two spiritual technologies – prayer and prophecy – which can be used to redirect humanity’s present course and steer us to an unparalleled era of peace and love. As he uncovered in his exhaustive research, particularly in a Dead Sea scroll known as “The Great Scroll of Isaiah” (which was written by the Essenes some 2,500 years ago), prophecy – an ability which we can all learn to cultivate through accessing Higher states of consciousness and which is increasingly being referred to as “remote viewing” – enables us to view the future consequences or likely outcomes of the choices we are presently making. Prayer – when it is engaged in as a mode that is radically different than the way we normally define prayer: “Prayer is our ability to commune and actively participate in the events of creation” (ibid) – as a process through which we consciously collaborate with Spirit – one in which we clearly set our intention, establish resonance through the state of being that we choose to embody, and then visualize, feel, and experience the desired outcome as if or as though it has already manifested – one whereby we “achieve the feeling that the prayer has already been answered, rather than asking that the answer come to pass through divine intervention” (ibid) – enables us to actively choose which prophecy we live, which outcome we will manifest. As Braden further states:

Through this deceptively simple yet eloquent perspective, we are reminded that… there are multiple dimensions with many outcomes for each moment of our lives… and that the tragedy and suffering, as well as the joy and compassion in our world, arise from the conditions within the single consciousness that links all hearts and all minds [our collective consciousness or the Divine Mind]. To experience new outer conditions, we are invited to become new inner conditions.

…It is our willingness to marry this single principle [of conscious co-creation and manifestation] to the most sophisticated science of our future, which may yield nothing less than the greatest epoch of peace yet known to our kind – and the keys to our very survival.

~ by Kerin A. Denzer ~


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