2014 Chinese New Year of the Green Wooden Horse ~

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~ 2014 Chinese New Year Day will arrive on January 31, 2014. Chinese Year of Horse begins on February 4, 2014 according to Chinese Astrology Calendar. 2014 is the Year of Wooden Horse.  Wood is related to tree or green. Therefore, 2014 is also called Year of Green Horse. Run as fast as you can […]

Daily Inspiration ~ July 24th

do not make meditiation


Do not make meditation a complicated affair; it is really very simple and because it is simple it is very subtle…Meditation, really, is a penetration into the unknown, and so the known, the memory, the experience, the knowledge which it has acquired during the day, or during a thousand days, must end. For it is only a free mind that can penetrate into the very heart of the immeasurable.

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti ~

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~ Image by Peter Bowers

Daily Inspiration ~ July 23rd

we have lost sight


We have lost sight of the original harmony: If you could hear the sound that is produced by the sunflower as it keeps on turning its head toward the sun, the friction between the flower and air, and if you could hear the sound produced by the galaxies, you would hear the symphony of the spheres; and you would realize that this symphony is based upon a basic harmony, the harmony of the spheres.


~ Proclus ~

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~ Image by Josh Sommers

Daily Inspiration ~ July 22nd

how can time help you


How can time help you? Time is a succession of moments, each moment appears out of nothing and disappears into nothing, never to reappear. How can you build on something so fleeting? Look to yourself for the permanent. Dive deep within and find what is real in you. Whatever happens, it happens to you. Find the Subject of all that you are as a person. Even if I tell you that you are the witness, the silent watcher, it will mean nothing to you, unless you find the way to your own being. Give up all your questions, except one. Who am I? After all the only fact you are sure of is that you are. The ‘I am’ is certain. The ‘I am this’ is not. Struggle to find out what you are in reality.


~Nisargadatta Maharaj ~

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Daily Inspiration ~ July 21st

remove all becoming


Remove all becoming, you are Being. Becoming is effort, being is no effort. You are always That…. Do not run away from worldly activities, only always keep in the “I am Self”. stay as the screen on which all projected activities take place. In all activities simply keep Quiet and know “I am home”.


~ Papaji ~

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Daily Inspiration ~ July 20th

the human race


The human race is a single being
Created from one jewel.
If one member is struck
All must feel the blow.
Only someone who cares for the pain of others
Can truly be called human.

~ Saadi~

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Daily Inspiration ~ July 19th

for those who live


For those who live in Self as the beauty devoid of thought, there is nothing which should be thought of. That which should be adhered to is only the experience of silence, because in that supreme state nothing exists to be attained other than oneself. All other knowledges are only petty and trivial knowledges; the experience of silence alone is the real and perfect knowledge.

~ Ramana Maharshi ~

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Daily Inspiration ~ July 18th

we can make our minds


We can make our minds
so like still water
that beings gather about us
that they may see,
it may be, their own images,
and live for a moment with a clearer,
perhaps even with a fiercer life
because of our quiet,
our silence.

~ William Butler Yeats ~

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